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We regularly gather our friends at our homes; it will be nice if we are able to invite our favorite celebrities at the same gathering to speak with them and request them to perform for our friends. All of us would love to do that. However, it is very difficult, first, for the celebrity to find time to come to our place just for an evening and then the cost of traveling hundreds of miles makes inviting celebrities to private gatherings infeasible.

How about if we can make this meeting possible without the celebrity having to travel and you paying a lot for travel and other cost! offers a great opportunity for you to invite your celebrity at the comfort of your home on a mutually agreed date and time. Click

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Why HumaraAdab

The inspiration for HumaraAdab comes from a conference which dates back to September 1983 when "Urdu Literature and Culture” conference was organized in Montreal, Canada. Eminent Urdu scholars’, poets and adeebs were present in that conference such as Mr. Shanul Haq HaqqeeMr. Jagan Nath Azad Mr.Raees Amrohwi. One of the issues raised in the various papers that were presented was that our future generations will loose touch with our Culture and...

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Attend your favourite event anywhere in the world at the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost or watch many excellent global events that you have missed because of not being in the place where these events were held in the past.


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It is possible to meet your favorite celebrities for live interact active gatherings and request them to perform for your friends. Invite your favorite celebrity at the comfort of your home on a mutually agreed date and time.



Excellent and memorable contributions to Literature and Performing Arts from the past few centuries is being digitally gathered. See many priceless literary and Artistic works from our culture. Buy unique books in our languages and specific to our culture.


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It is now possible for anyone interested to learn our first language. HumaraAdab has engaged teachers who will conduct one-on-one lessons in our languages on internet.

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