Mirza Ghalib


Urdu Ghazal honor, heart, to give the brain poetry, but the beauty of versatility Source philosophy to poetry uasq, pillaged the innovation and outdated articles prevail give new life just as modern today as a century were before. The tone of bankpn, pride, phludary and realism is unprecedented. Their envy, satire and dumsraun 'gnjynh is to create a unique ayjaz uaktsar' means spells. Hard to come by gradual simple convenient mmtna brave river. I literally have no reply handiwork. Numerous charming techniques Urdu poetry gave kyn.galb to go through several stages to reach the top floor of his poetry had to rhyme pra.phly color and color appearance unzyry adopt Mirza heartless again, after Mir reached through different types of tastes and strong life. The melancholy in color was seen in the mirror, but later climbed the mighty fortress Mu'alla their displeasure to always loved poetry and meaning of the dominant imaginary Way delicate melancholy. Lo! They say:
Heartless lacerated style writing
Asadullah Khan Hour
Ghalib was proud of his Persian and farsyt was hatched inside his poetry in Urdu, which was also covered. But the language and those who do not like the way it was therefore wise Agha Jan unbearable rich irony:
I understand what your saying you think
Have fun when they speak and understand a second
My understanding language and speech understanding Mirza
But to say that you think God thinks


Urdu poetry Mirza Ghalib status is that of a glittering stars. He gave breathing new life dy.asy new topics in Urdu poetry and ran a revolutionary wave in this. 'Diwan dominant Perfect' is mentioned in the publication Kalidas Gupta rzany dominant Diwan, who appeared in the dominant life:
'God of life prevail in Urdu printed five times. His name was called 'Diwan prevail.
The first edition, printer sydalakbar, Delhi, October 1841, the Lion 1096
Second Edition, printer Darussalam, India, May 1847, the Lion 1158
Third Edition, printer Ahmadinejad, Delhi, July 1861, the Lion 1796
Fourth Edition, printer Nizami, ear tips, jun/julayy in 1862, the Lion 1802
Fifth Edition, printer mfydklayq, Agra, 1863, the Lion 1795 '(1)
Mirza is a huge part of their posts umqbulyt dominant personality. In the beginning the Mighty start of a series of writing was Nyingi them to become aware of your New misrepresentation, innovation aurndrt and they will go've felt part of their letters on literature but this knowledge uahsas the I started writing with the following letters on the publication of the letters for writing the most dominant is crippled unique position to become a historical document. The genial Anjum says:
'Dominant precious capital letters Urdu letter writing, why the mind that innovation is the dominant art Konya urng the water. Mighty kudbhy has never claimed to be that easy, clean, simple, and frankly they start a letter writing in Urdu language from utsna. Yes dominant has repeatedly claimed that he made the changes necessary to meet and dialogue Patterns of letters and claim the couch century '(2).
Some key dates dominant life
Since 1797 till 1869)
1797 AD. Was born in Agra.
1802 AD. Dad died Abdullah bag. By the same year, Ranjit Singh Alwar dugawn focusing and a value set to raise daily wages.
1806 ء.cca died Naseerullah bag.
August 9, 1810 AD. Umrao Begum married.
13.1812 year. Standing settle in Delhi.
In June 1827. The Delhi left for Calcutta.
ء.lkhnw of 27 June 1927.
9 February 1828 AD. Verde in Calcutta.
Early January 1830. Return from Calcutta to Delhi
Oct 1841. Ardudyuan first publication.
1842. Delhi rejected the offer and mature college professor.
May 1847. The copyright Urdu Diwan.
1847. Makuz.asy release year, three months later on charges of gambling.
1850 AD. Najm al-Daula was dbyrallk system kttab War and received robe. With six hundred rupee was fixed annual honorarium.
1850 AD. Crown Prince to victory in the sphere of ul pupils mature and brave the annual four hundred rupees.
1852 'compiled by the name of Mughal history ء.sahan mhrnymruz.
April 1852 ء.nuab Zainul Arif died.
1853 ء.pnj a compatible printer.
1854 ء.bhadr Shah Zafar was appointed teacher.
55.1854 year. Mhrnymruz publication.
1857. Mirza Yousuf Ali Khan, the Nawab of Rampur teacher and court appointed a hundred fixed monthly Rampur.
1857. Bndhuyy pension after the mutiny.
18 October 1857 ء.chuty brother Mirza Yousuf died.
First published Nov 1858 ء.dstnbu (printer useful alklayq Agra)
27 January 1860. First arrival in Rampur.
March 1860. Ram return from Delhi to Jaipur.
May 1860. Reduction of pensions.
1860. Conclusive proof of completion
Julayy.agst 1861. The printer Urdu Diwan Ahmed publication or ear tips.
1862 AD. Conclusive proof of the first publication (printer Nawal Kishore)
In June 1862. Dewan Urdu printer Nizami publication ear tips.
1863. First publication Masnawi abrghr bar (Akmal almtaba Delhi)
1863. Dewan Urdu printer syunrayn publication Agra.
1864. Mhrq transverse mulfh Burhan Saadat Ali Khan was published (printer Ahmed Delhi) was compiled in the transverse authority.
1864 ء.ltayf unseen post (Akmal almtaba Delhi)
1865. Anti hallucinations publication. Syed Ali Khan mhmdnjf it was compiled in response to mhrq conclusive proof. It appeared Akmal almtaba Delhi.
1865 ء.namh dominant Urdu publication (printer Mohammadi, Delhi)
The second edition published in 1865 ء.qata proof of drfs kauyany.
Oct 1865 ء.ram incidence again in full.
Dec 1865 ء.ram return from Delhi to Jaipur.
1866 AD. Alqata transverse mwlfh Amin Aminuddin Dehlawi published. It was written in response to transverse authority.
1867 ء.sbdcyn publication.
1867. Urqaat dominant publishing points.
ء.tyg 1867 the high post (Akmal almtaba Delhi)
1867. Turkey Published sharp sword (Prophet printer. Delhi)
September 1867. Hngamh troubled heart.
1867. Smsyrtyztr mwlfh abdalsmdfda publication. It was compiled in response to a sharp sword.
2 Dec 1868 AD. Transverse azalh filed a defamation lawsuit against the author of alqata.
March 23, 1868 AD. Arena agreed to withdraw a lawsuit.
In October 1868. Audhndy first publication (printer mjtbayy, Meerut)
ء.klyat 1868 Persian prose publishing first.
15 February 1869 AD. Death (at the age of 73 years 4 months) at Delhi (3).
How overwhelming experience, coordinating specific emotions umhsusat, understanding usaurky a serious manner born as a result, the complex layers of specific rmzyt caused by ideas, aymayyt, signs uasarat, types uastaarat, tsauyrupykr words uzban not included. Which will be the dominant drksndh utabndh on the literature.
Following are the main features of Ghalib.
The dominant style of reasoning
A dominant feature of poetry do not analyze the logic and reasoning style hy.galb only emotions but also to try to create a relationship between them. Love is not an emotion for those natural way transformed into charming poet jayy.galb do not just gestures, but his gentle ultyf ukyfyat analyze their feelings and reasoning. See this thread to understand the dominant mode of reasoning:
O was thirsty tongue dry thorns
I have a blister judgment Valley prkar
The win was expected to rise
Why does anyone care
Be harassed every work is difficult bskh
Man does not have to be this sense.
Tskk like
Yes tskk process is the dominant feature. Scientific progress made in their lives had changed the map as tha.qdym life style was quickly erased, modern trtqazun old lifestyle and way fkruaml new age was not compatible to the individual mind full of modern civilization was still not satisfied. This fueled further violence in the strife and conflict tskk upykar environment. Asaarmyn dominating see this trend:
Why are humiliated like that until yesterday
Angel insult our Lord
S 352,355

The win was expected to rise
Why does anyone care
Be harassed every work is difficult bskh
Man does not have to be this sense.
Tskk like
Yes tskk process is the dominant feature. Scientific progress made in their lives had changed the map as tha.qdym life style was quickly erased, modern trtqazun old lifestyle and way fkruaml new age was not compatible to the individual mind full of modern civilization was still not satisfied. This fueled further violence in the strife and conflict tskk upykar environment. Asaarmyn dominating see this trend:
Why are humiliated like that until yesterday
Angel insult our Lord

We know the reality of heaven,
It's probably a good idea to keep your heart

Was created Hassan Makhlouf add uaymayyt Mighty poetry is presented in terms of great beauty and deep meaning rmzuayma great realities of life. He became part of the post code airy mood. That is why the idea of ​​going to art with rmzuayma and coding airy with spin art. He also described scenes rmzuayma the problems and issues of philosophical interpretation of Sufi mysticism affairs met ukaynat life. They take the collective experiences of political, social and cultural affairs of the actual and potential themes in his poetry and individual color screen rmzyt the poetry collective experiences of interpreting situations and aymayyt color ky.an more has been profound:
Boy Gul, nalh heart, dud lamp Warcraft
Who was confused and out of your position

Comes from his mouth like bloom
They think that is good about the sick
The biggest feature of the dominant poetry he plays innovation they overcome all the obstacles Recent is overwhelming apart from other poets the simple ideas are also presented in a way that old things new that the Lion of the masterpiece of innovation:
I know the reward of obedience uzhd
The feeling is not there

The fire should understand that we do
Do not be deceived when
Ayjaz and brevity
A key feature of much meaning in his words ayjazu Brevity is less well known for his choice of words do not prevail Simone is fantastic in reality, they would prevail in a world of meanings dumsraun:
He understood plagues taken up the ass
The eight steps for pasban

Beyond its borders realize msjud
Qibla direction are the people look like
Audacity uzraft
Hali has overcome the beast Zarif them also shows its own color thread the humor posts they want to live hidden in humor the scenes to sadness that she society itself and sometimes even God the stated aim of Audacity:
Angels are caught without the written
He was also write us a moment?

Assad wants kubrdyun
If you have seen the
Philosophical thoughts
Judging from the dominant tradition of philosophical ideas in his poems he described the sight of a philosopher the universe and the meaning of accidents and incidents in the philosophical manner:
LA where we have come from Leh and Gill
What is emerging is

Assad should not deceive the entity
The price is all that constituency
Human Psychology
Dominating the deep look at human psychology because they themselves have too many difficulties to go through was different events occurred to her to get a reflection of us experiences life in his poetry the human psychological help your intelligence hidden corners to highlight the excellence:
Grief to reach exaltation of man is erased
Were harassed so much that I have heart problems
In fact a life sentence of grief binds
Why should the man be saved from death, sorrow
Soz ugdaz
Mighty Word is I was a subtle shocked the suzugdaz if passed in their life problems, but nevertheless they bear are qabumyn of the spirit in extreme distress was common accidents is their belief in There is a dignity to cry:
If the pain medication heart
I am hurt when I did

I could hear the laughter of the heart
Now comes something
Literally handiwork
Have no sense prevail with their response shaping techniques words, analogies and metaphors are an exception:
Yqub news took him captive in gunh
But his eyes were pink prison wall

But that's a lie of Darpa
Srzyr at the time pleaded drban
Aspect of
The dominant feature of the state that has to do with the details that are the dominant numerous poems that come in and understand their meaning at first but raises a subtle sense to consider:
Any desolation of the wilderness
See wilderness home or midwife

Today we stuck kuffaar
They say they are showing on
Convenient mmtna
Mirza Ghalib's early word is very difficult to follow the dominant melancholy began hard, but then when they come in the way of simplicity is an excellent example of an easy mmtna:
The hope is not
In no case does not look


We hope to fulfill them
I do not know what is truth
Dominant Sufi mysticism that if they see cases described aptly in his poetry the eyes of a mystic these matters:
Ishrat drop they perish at sea
Loss medicine pain undergo limit

Making every drop Heart Anna Bahr
What we ask of our
Critics views
Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui said: 'The crown has three things Mughal Palace, the adjustment and the dominant language, granted. Says Al Ahmad server 'Urdu a new idea dominant in the post, a new Submit reflection and a new consciousness. According to Faiz' dominating a fur dnhyn a race. 'Frantic Gorakh whole the idea is: 'Mighty least a new leader and divan e Ghalib Urdu new Mo'. daktrkursyd Islam opinion Urdu poetry 'Mirza was amazing waters have come Urdu chin poetry cuff being dominant. ".daktrslym says Akhtar 'dominant was his contemporaries becomes a mirror but also our contemporaries because of their sensitivity.

(1) 'perfect living prevail.' Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, views: Kalidas Gupta Raza, Urdu Association of Pakistan, Karachi, publication IV, 2012, p. 51
(2) prevail posts (jldaul), time: Khaliq Anjum, dominant Institute, New Delhi, of Publication 2000, Third Edition, p. 111
(3) 'life prevail important dates. Mhmdzyaء Uddin Ansari, overwhelming numbers, Aligarh magazine, supervisor: Prof. all ahmdsrur, editor Bashir Badr, 1969, pp 352,355


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