Faiz Ahmad Faiz


1915. Memorizing the Quran
1916. Maulvi Ibrahim Sialkot to Arabic, Persian and Urdu start.
1921. Scotch Mission enrolled in the fourth grade in high school.
1927. Success with first division in SSC
1929. F. Murray won the First Division College Sialkot.
1931. Government College BA (Hons) in Arabic from Lahore
1932. The degree of Government College Lahore MA in English (literature).
1933. Oriental College MA in Arabic from Lahore First Division.
Professional Responsibilities
1935. MA aukalj English lecturer appointment in Amritsar.
1936. Progressive Association has contributed to the establishment of the authors.
1940. Hailey College of Commerce, as an English lecturer appointment in Lahore.
1942. Nazi aazm and joined the army as a captain against fascist groups and public relations department, appointed in Delhi.
1943. Major office development.
1944. Appointment to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
51.1947 year. Lahore through the transition from military to resign, lybrayduayzry Committee, the services of a member of the Punjab.
1951. Pakistan Trade Union Federation vice president.
70.1948 year. Executive Committee, urldpys Council, the app Trust.
1959. Pakistan Arts Council appointment as secretary, served from 1962 until responsibility in this situation.
1964. Principal Abdullah Haroon College, Karachi.
72.1964 vice president of the Arts Council Pakistan, Karachi.
77.1974 year. Advisor of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.
1958. Core member ayfruaysayy Literary Society.
39.1938 year. Editor, offline, Lahore
58.1947 year. Chief Editor Daily Pakistan Times, Daily Imroz and weekly unhar Lille.
84.1978 year. Chief Editor of Lotus (Beirut)
1951. March 9 detained under PSA Pakistan Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case.
1955. April 6 release.
1958. Re-arrest. Release in April 1959.
Family life
1941. British woman married to George Ellis, Sheikh married and read.
1942. Salima first daughter was born.
1945. Mullo Abdullo went second daughter was born.
1946. Awarded MBE (MBE) by the British government.
1962. Famous Lenin Peace Prize from the Soviet Union.
Literature (poetry)
1941. Engraved image complainant complainant first verse poetry dominant Dewan 'The Audacity of ka'tha but inspiration has created a point followed by the fryady'khh' instead of 'following the complainant.
1952. Hands are Independence Day poems and sayings reflect the political situation in Pakistan Pakistan in sba.as combinations they declared that moment fkrhyn progressive poetry propaganda for these gentlemen. That proves Faiz's poems beautiful literary king is the biggest propaganda.
1953. Create prisoners in different jails of the country namh.as trklam set the hy.'zndan Bowl is in the preamble of sydsjadzhyr track and Major Mohammad Ishaq, a title rudadqfs.
1965. Hands folded sng.fyz's speech, which he had adorned the International Lenin Peace Prize in Urdu language at the bottom with a majestic ceremony hy.'dst upcoming collections in Moscow, the first poem collections and 1960 the situation has been written inspired. The development benefits when they visited China after the Chinese Revolution wrote a poem titled packaging that is good value.
1971. Sruady Sinai. The combination of the benefits of exile and the Arab-Israeli war (after 1963) published an important milestone in rhyme hua.'sruady Siena, Faiz Find her tone slightly different smile in rhyme badfyz who 'glorious' side can be interpreted.
1978. Shryaran evening. This combination of forces could develop around the world who had the same ideas about the benefits of hua.sqaft published in the Zia dictatorship. He believed that the subjugation srmndh the upper class culture classes and class society in such case the national culture called culture is the culture of the poor sections of society living hy.fyz its cultural policy Urdu language is an important part of Pakistani culture.
1981. Murray Murray heart passenger. Make this collection has been with the yasrarfat'ky respect for words. And close associate of late Palestinian poet Faiz in this article of particular benefit to Mahmoud Darwish twentieth and passion with their looks warm.
1984. The trauma of the long distance from home, with declining health benefits in gbarayam.as combinations.
1987. Text Version faithfulness (formulations)
1962. Total (critic)
1971. Crosses my window (s)
1973. Travelogue Cuba
1973. Provision Tablet Pen (editorials)
1981. Even years and age Introduction


Faiz Ahmed Faiz's style features
Faiz Ahmed important member benefit progressive movement, and modern Urdu is above all a place in poetry, he created a sense of history in poetry, despite the commitment to the progressive movement was done not Ghazal look She has created diversity in the themes within the specified template bill out.
Faiz's poetry started at the age of fourteen and fifteen years. It is quite romantic but the style is different from others. Filled with a special type of refinement and romance from 1928 to 1935 in his poem Moonlight cooling and comfort. Soft feeling of weary tone.
I remembered the night I lost heart
Spring comes in like a deserted sneak
Similar to the above in the desert breezes
The ill person should cause
Development Trends
Faiz was an important member of the progressive movement. He also championed progressive ideas in his poetry, but not in slogans like other poets. It did not hurt as well Lion with refinement. Despite everything they have lived their lives dim.
Thus creation is always confused with violence
The new practice is not new to the Sand
Rawalpindi conspiracy case was arrested after a sneeze chain in his poetry. Prison conditions were created, and expand their experiences. And he became the spokesman for a political ideology, but ideology intensity he has not violated the artistic aspect of poetry.
If the provision is sorrow snatched the pen tablet
The dip of veins in fingers
4. Nationalism: Faiz seen as the home of the beloved, imprisonment offenses off has intensified in love with the country, the two collections "hands Zia" and "prison letter" in a particular country, a beloved came.
Lylayy would have in the same color
The heart has craved from her dedication
Arrested in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case, suffering imprisonment, equipment charges, while all of them have not gone through the disappointment of inspiration. They compete with the biggest morale.
I hope you will not fail
Syria's long sorrow, but Syria is
Feelings of love Faiz's poetry in new ways and new colors. They are a charming way to describe the beauty of the beloved with his unique tone fulfillment of excellence from all traditions of Urdu Ghazal.
If they will, you love me
If you love the look of a dead
Figure literally cut
Figure literally cut a key trend of modern poetry. Faiz are familiar with the modern style of poetry. This feature beautiful samples of his poetry meet.
The trees are dense
Moonlight tired voice
Imagine rival
Urdu poetry has always been considered a rival poet saw reproach and it is considered an enemy and to devalue its existence. But grace has put a new tradition founded and matters gsar also embraced his friend and rival in love sorrow in poetry.
We just love the common good grief
Neither I lost so much kindness that gnuawn

We have found what is lost in this love
Not just her and seen as a part explain Coin
New Idea and symbols
It is also a feature of Word that he has new meaning and subject to the metaphors and symbols. I like the freedom that was in his mind when he did not like the idea he expressed his surprise.
This scar torn dawn light the night
He was waiting for the dawn, they did not
They have the "hands-Saba", "Gaza dust", "smoldering evening", "sleepy lamp", "Sleepless get the door," a beautiful techniques.
Ghazals of Faiz's poems with a sense of friendship, respect and humanity is very noticeable, especially marginalized. He truly common to aspire to human prosperity and forced and oppressed they can exploit people remarkable poem "me first love saying" I love not demand and was forced to say removed from the poet's beloved .
There is also a look back, so be
Charming beauty is still in danger but so be
Love in the time of trouble and save
Rahtyn and besides souls of relief

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(2) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (drman pain and the Poet), Dr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, Pace Communications Publications, Lahore, 2011.

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