About Us

We are delighted that the concepts we conceived years back have now become a reality.

Our vision is to provide a platform for our current and future generations where every aspect of our great heritage and culture is preserved. Our goal is to assist our new generation who have not been introduced to our language and culture become familiar with and get inspired by some of the greatest poets, writers, signers, composers and actors our society has produced.

It is our hope that HumaraAdab.com will become a central point of interaction between anyone who is interested in our culture and rich treasures hidden in our literature for many centuries.

HumaraAdab.com is a fusion of our past and the latest technology which will connect our literary figures Writers and Poets, Artists and Celebrities with those who are interested to meet with them or allow those who can teach our languages with those who wish to learn our languages, while they are many thousands of miles apart.

HumaraAdab.com will also make it possible for anyone to attend literary or cultural events globally from the comfort of their own homes.

We are imagining a time when anyone can invite any Writers, Poets, Artists and Celebrity to his or her living room for an evening with their friends for a live interaction without the hassle of traveling.

 HumaraAdab.com is now being populated progressively as those who appreciate this initiative will contribute their research, pieces of our Literature and Culture.

By visiting HumaraAdab.com you have already shown your interest, if the idea of leaving something behind for our future generations excites you, we invite you to be part of this exciting journey, we encourage our youth to participate in this initiative by providing their valuable advice, for those of you who have not been able to access our rich literature and culture HumaraAdab.com is a place to explore our literary and cultural treasures.

Please contact me at mo@HumaraAdab.com for your valuable advice and suggestions.

Mansoor Osmani                                                  


Toronto, Canada